my name is Sirui Li (李思銳 Lǐ Sī-Ruì aka “LeeThree”). I’m a software engineer in Shanghai, who is passionate about pixels, grids, and delightful experiences.

what keeps me busy

I’m currently working at Shoppo as head of engineering to grow and develop a world-class engineering team. Let me know if you are interested in joining us!

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my story so far

since 2016

Now I’m working and living in Shanghai, a great city for urban explorations.

Wukang Mansion
2014 – 2016, 2006 – 2010

I worked in Beijing for two years. I also got my Bachelor’s degree from Tsinghua University.

The Marble Boat
2010 – 2013

I graduated from the University of Hong Kong with the degree of Master of Philosophy. My research area was human–computer interaction.

Nan Lian Garden
2006 and before

My hometown Chengdu is a lovely city in Southwest China, famous for pandas, spicy food, and a leisurely lifestyle.

Qingyang Taoist Temple

things I made

Shoppo App

Shoppo, iOS and Android version.
A shopping app built from strach with React Native.

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Operator App

Operator for China, iOS version.
A shopping app for Chinese customers to buy things conveniently from the US.

Sorry, It’s removed from App Store :(

Flipboard App

Flipboard for China, Android version.
A personalized magazine app.

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other projects

My postgraduate research project was designing and building attentive gestural user interfaces for touch screens ( Check it out). The idea is to use eye tracking technology to improve the usability of existing gestural interactions. By using eye trackers to detect visual attention of users, a computer system can collect more information that reflects the user’s interest and intention. The interface can then respond in a more intelligent and natural way.

eye + touch

Check out more projects on my GitHub profile:

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